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“Just A House”


Bridge Development, Corp., a non-profit organization and Licensed FEMA vendor, wants to help meet the tremendous need for housing around the world with awareness of the 1 billion people who are currently living in inadequate and inhumane living conditions.  Additionally, Bridge Development is concerned with climate change and understands the large amount of CO2 gas emissions that are a result of the housing and construction industries, contributing to nearly 50% of total gases emitted.


Therefore, Bridge Development has created the state-of-the-art “Just a House” program, a combination of pre-engineered housing that is made of recycled and recyclable materials and creates an outstanding living space for a low budget. The homes have been designed for private individuals, government agencies, foundations, and other humanitarian organizations that need reliable, sustainable houses at an affordable price that realistically meets budgets.


In order to assemble and install the elements that come with “Just A House”, you only need a foundation that meets your local government ordinances and regulations with the necessary infrastructure installed prior to assembly.

About Bridge Development

Why “Just A House”?



The “Just A House” program provides an answer to the need of a specific niche in the housing market that until now has been ignored by nearly everyone, including private developers, banks, government agencies, and even humanitarian organizations.  What people need is “JUST A HOUSE”!!!  As simple as it may sound, it is not quite so easy, particularly for the 1 billion people in need of just a house.


As a result, Bridge Development, Corp. set a goal with two parameters, which they have now met: provide adequate housing that is affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly; engineer housing that is less impacting on the environment to help with climate change and protect future generations.


Bridge Development’s “Just A House” program will provide a roof over the head of families in need around the globe.  Our models can include several additional options, such as solar panels, solar water heating, water collection systems, green rooftops, and water reuse capabilities.  However, selection of either of our models, even without any additional options, is sustainable, will help save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and will be a help to families and society.

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